Friday, 3 May 2013

Dead Space 2-Repacksbox

Dead Space 2 - BLACK BOX -

Developer:EA Games
Publisher:Electronic Arts Inc
Genre: Action
Release Date:25 January 2011
Media Size:4.45 GB
Suggested system requirements:Pentium IV 2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB (GeForce 6800 or better), 10 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7.

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for another blood clotting adventure in Dead Space 2 to the critically acclaimed Dead Space.

After waking up from hair, big space in the city, such as the "Sprawl", the sun survived attack Finder itself facing a new catastrophe in the foreign horrific nightmares. Increased dementia, persecuted by the government and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend, Isaac, and if the Lord can do anything to gruesome onslaught.

With the adjoining sector of tools to dismember Necromorphs and new determination, an engineer will bring the terror to space.


Horrific infestation is decimating Space Massive city. Isaac Clarke must be disassembled, Impala, interpret them and trample sprawl.
Grotesque as Ora et laboratories buddy as notification of any new lurks around every corner.
Use a set of devastating tools to terror to space. Deter both spear and tying desire to better weapons with telekinesis, much more.
Start Isaac's plight on a rocket boosters around, not like the front Gravity Neves had a full 360 ° movement.
First, the experience with others online multiplayer horror Necromorph forces ........

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