Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad-RepacksBox

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - BLACK BOX - www.blackboxrepack.com

Developer:Tripwire Interactive
Publisher:1C / Cenega
Genre: Shooting
Release Date:13 September 2011
Media Size:3.72 GB
Suggested system requirements:Quad Core 2.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM (3 GB RAM – Vista/7), graphic card 896 MB (GeForce GTX 260 or better), 8 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7, Internet connection.

Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, the leading realism-based multiplayer WWII shooter on the PC, will take the award winning Red Orchestra permit the next generation of games. Members of graphics and audio built on Unreal Engine 3, inventive features and ugly realism brings unmatched experience of the Second World War.

Heroes of Stalingrad will focus on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations, both German and Russian, from July 1942 to February 1943. The game allows players to experience the most brutal wars of mortals. Delivering unrivaled accuracy and attention to detail, along with gritty, vicious combat multiplayer, co-op and single game modes include everything from quick, brutal fights more intricate and challenging simulation modes.

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