Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Repacksbox

Set like a shot when the events on the Island of your time, the blue blood came to metropolis transferral with him his lover, Kaileena, the Emperor of your time, solely to search out the town enclosed by AN unknown enemy. Later, the ship that the blue blood and Kaileena were sailing on falls vulnerable. The boat is destroyed, and Kaileena drifts interior wherever she is kidnapped; the blue blood witnesses this and begins to look for her abductors.

After wandering around for a short while, the previous blue blood manages to catch up with Kaileena, solely to search out her within the hands of the official. As before, on the Island of your time, the blue blood canceled the terribly institution of the Sands of your time, conjointly leading to cancelling the death of the official.

However, once the prince visited the Island of your time, he failed to realize the Sands, however books were found on island along side the Dagger of your time. when reviewing all this information and receiving the dagger, the official found that it\'d grant him aliveness, that he wants the Emperor of your time. With this information, and from a vision granted by the Dagger, the official once to metropolis, to wait the blue blood\'s arrival; knowing that the Prince would be returning there with Kaileena.

The Prince, seeing that the official had plans to kill Kaileena, charged at him, solely to be captured by AN ambush by one among his minions. With the blue blood look on, the official injured Kaileena with the Dagger of your time, recreating the sands and killing her. He stabs himself with the Dagger and gains the facility of immortality and possesses Kaileena\'s essence. He becomes \"Zurvan, the Gods of Time\". emotional the facility of the sands all over again, its power corrupts all metropolis, as well as his 2 bodyguards and, eventually, the Prince. throughout the chaos, the blue blood was ready to escape and all over again acquires the Dagger of your time. He wakes up to search out himself in an exceedingly sewer, his left arm infected by the sands.

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