Sunday, 7 July 2013

Freedom Fighters Repacks box

Freedom Fighters.jpg Freedom Fighters, originally titled Freedom: The Battle For island, may be a two003 third-person shooter game accessible for the PlayStations 2, Nintendo GameCubes, Xbox-  and Microsoft Window. its absolutely was developed by IO Interactive, employing a changed version of the gunslinger 2: Silent Assassin game engine, and printed by EA. The BAFTA-award winning musician Jesper Kyd (who additionally wrote the score to IO Interactive\'s gunslinger video games) wrote the music. The author was Morten Iversen (who additionally wrote scripts for the gunslinger franchise).The game is ready in associate degree alternate history wherever the Red Army has invaded and occupied the big apple town. The player takes the role of patron saint Stone, a plumber-turned yankee Resistance movement leader fighting against the invaders.

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