Saturday, 28 December 2019

Blade Runner Repack

The Description
In 1997, Westwood Studios released a game that won the love of players and critics around the world and received many awards, including the title "Best Adventure Game of the Year" from AIAS. The Blade Runner game, which takes place parallel to the plot of Ridley Scott's classic science-fiction film "Blade Runner", released in 1982, has returned to modern computers.
You play as Detective Ray McCoy. Using the skills of the investigator and devices used by "Blade Runner", you will explore the gloomy rain drenched the streets of Los Angeles in 2019 to find the escaped androids. Look for these so-called "replicants" easy, because they look and behave almost like real people. When faced with moral dilemmas, McCoy soon starts to question their humanity.
  • Embark on a gloomy, austere Los Angeles in 2019, where you will become a hunter and prey. 
  • Explore more than 100 interactive locations, some of which are taken from the film by Ridley Scott, which was released in 1982. 
  • Become a hero of a non-linear narrative, which makes each passing game unique. 
  • Connect with over 70 Artificial Intelligence (AI) -based characters who obey their daily routine and are animated using motion capture. 
  • Enjoy the effects of rain and smoke highlighting the noir atmosphere. 
  • You will hear the voices of Hollywood stars from the original film, including Sean Young, James Hong, Joe Turkel, Brian James and William Sanderson. 
  • Listen to a rich canvas of background sounds and music, which includes recreated fragments of the soundtrack for the film "Blade Runner". 
  • Play as Detective Ray McCoy and use the "blade-cutting" technology familiar to you from the film. Identify replicants among people using the ESPER photo  analysis system and use a portable database to study evidence.

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