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Borderlands 3:
As a major aspect of the Borderlands arrangement, Borderlands 3 is focused on the planet Pandora, which has been for quite some time supposed to contain Vaults holding huge measures of fortune and innovation, deserted by a strange outsider human advancement known as the Eridians. In decades earlier, a few organizations and criminal tribes have laid attack to Pandora to attempt to discover the Vaults, however the steady clash and slaughter has left the planet and its populace desolated and crazed. Be that as it may, there are as yet those freely looking for the Vaults, known as Vault Hunters (the player characters). 
Borderlands 3 happens seven years after Handsome Jack's passing in Borderlands 2 and the ruin of the Hyperion Corporation in Tales from the Borderlands. In Borderlands 2, it was found that various different Vaults exist on different planets in the cosmic system. In the power vacuum left by the annihilation of Jack and Hyperion, twin kin Troy and Tyreen Calypso structure the Children of the Vault (COV), a rough clique of character shaped from the remainders of the planet's numerous crook groups, to pick up ownership of different Vaults, explicitly one called 'the Great Vault'. Lilith, one of the playable Vault Hunters from the main game and current pioneer of the Crimson Raiders, an opposition power made to secure Pandora, selects new Vault Hunters to help stop the Calypsos.

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