Saturday, 28 December 2019

House Flipper Repack

The game Flipper House is, from a downloaded the torrent That you CAN on the website of Our, will of the allow you to Feel like a real designer, architect and show For your abilities in business.

This unusual project was developed by Red Dot Games and is a repair simulator with elements of design and management. You become the head of the repair team and get to work. First, the player selects a suitable object , acquires it and comes up with a design project for a completely new structure.

You can either completely demolish the building, or simply rebuild it to your liking. The main thing is to create an unusual and unique structure, which you can sell for an impressive amount.

The game looks pretty realistic.You can verify this yourself by downloading the torrent House Flipper. Although you do not have to buy building materials and tools (they have already been entered in the appropriate catalog in advance), you will need to carefully plan all the nuances of repair, paint walls and wallpaper, distribute electrical wiring, dismantle various items and much more.

Download House Flipper from a torrent on our website and let your imagination run wild!


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