Saturday, 28 December 2019

The Beast Inside Repack

The Beast Inside - a fresh perspective on thriller and survival horror. Immerse yourself in a story full of mysteries of the past, personal tragedies and madness. Play as two characters with a dark legacy. Fight, solve puzzles and experience the terror in a full 3D.
In 1979, Adam, cryptanalyst working for the CIA, moved from Boston to suburban house with his wife, Emma. Curators doubt that there he will be safe, nevertheless it Adam believes that he will be able to decipher the military code only while in silence in nature. From his job may depend on the outcome of the Cold War. Unfortunately, to find peace of mind he could not ...
Adam found in the attic of a mysterious diary written by a certain Nicholas Hyde, who appears to have lived in this house in the 18th century. Following the discovery of the diary of the life of Adam and Emma turned in great danger, as the nightmares of the past and transported into the present. Events begin to develop at an alarming rate, pushing each other distant past and his eternal prisoner - Nicholas against Adam, cryptanalyst during the Cold War. Where it leads? And who can be trusted in such a confusing times?

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