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血腥之日228-Vampire Martina-Bloody Day 2.28 Repack

血腥之日228-Vampire Martina-Bloody Day 2.28

The 17th Century, the age of Discovery, Dutch Formosa, which was the name of Taiwan.
In the period of Regering van Formosa then, thousands of European immigrants landed in Taiwan. Most of them were wealth seekers, yet few were doomed fugitive, who has flied to Taiwan for a replacement life. Being exiled from Europe as nomad, when Koxinga extruded the Dutch civilization out of Taiwan, those immigrants remained resident in Taiwan secretly.
Martina the Vampiress Repack, is one of those. Being divergent of Ethical issues together with her father- an arch-vampire then slain him, which caused the collapse of her lineage within the 30 years war. With the lost of Her wealth and legacy, she regretted her murderous deed, and imbecility that caused the liquidation of her hierarchy. As a victim, she recognized Europe with a broken-heart.
Therefore, She Fled from Europe, as far nearly as good .
In the 17th Century, the boundary of European colonization, is that the Taiwan island.
She sneaked into a ship of Dutch Malay Archipelago Company and landed on Taiwan.
Her motivation toward Taiwan was a peaceful everlasting seclusion with no conflict, nevertheless she met the other .

Geometrically as a major focus, Taiwan was the target of various conflict between the Strong Countries and Forces, suffered from foreign intrusion and colonization ever since the age of Exploration.

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