Thursday, 30 January 2020

Alpacapaca Double Dash Repack

Alpacapaca Double Dash

Alpacapaca Double Dash is a 2D sidescrolling platformer where up to 2 players control Alpacas to travel between the story of varied books to dispel the curse that made the characters of the books fight for the protagonist's spot. Explore each chapter of the books and choose which side of the story is that the correct one. Will Sophie and Elise's alpacas manage to repair Emily's books and extract the Miracle Crystals?

Alpacapaca Double Dash is a game where the players controls Sophie and Elise familiars, the alpacas, during a quest to repair the story of three books and extract the miracle crystals from them. But this point there'll be no lasers or magical powers! All magic is nullified inside the books, so you'll need to defeat the enemies using only your reliable special attack, Alpaca Kick!

Are you ready to travel through every chapter in each book and choose the side of the story you think is that the correct one, or just the foremost entertaining one?

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