Saturday, 4 January 2020

Blacksad: Under the Skin v 1.03 Repack

The dark case of corruption in the heart of the underworld of New York for the charismatic detective John Blacksad. In the early 50's. Joe Dunn, the owner of a boxing club, is found dead. At the same time, his rising star, Robert Yale, who must enter the ring and participate in the most important fight of his career, disappears under mysterious circumstances. Sonia Dunn, daughter of Joe, takes over the management of the club and must cope with financial difficulties. She hires private detective John Blacksad to investigate Yale and find him. This gloomy affair will lead our detective into the darkest and darkest depths of New York. BLACKSAD: Under The Skin with anthropomorphic characters and a beautifully recreated style of the 50s promises an adventure in the gloomy atmosphere of a detective novel, characteristic of the comics of the same name series. Lead the investigation in your own way. Use your cat abilities to discover new clues. Make decisions that will affect the development of Blacksad's character and the outcome of the whole affair.

Game Features :
  • The official, completely new story for BLACKED in the unique universe of this comic book series, superbly recreated in the game.

  • Narrative game in the genre of detective story with gameplay combining investigations, puzzles, Quick Time Event (QTE) and multivariate dialogs.

  • Situations of choice that directly affect the development of your character and the ending of the story.

  • More than 30 new characters, as well as others, already known, each of which has its own story and side quests.

  • A huge world accompanied by a jazz soundtrack worthy of the best Hollywood noir films.

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