Friday, 24 January 2020

Cerdocornio Repack


The Galaxy is in peril once more , but this point it's gonna be saved by the foremost huggable hero of the History. Get into the Shoot’em up where you've got to use all of your skills in Calculate the right Timing with the Jump-Shoot Mechanic and defeat all of your enemies. Enjoy this game by the Indie Game Developers, Zuakate Games!

- Prepare to guide Cerdoconio, fight villains and fall crazy of the handsome hero

-Master the Awesome Jump'n'Shoot mechanic to defeat all of your enemies.

- Move through the challenged levels by writing down the password, really write it down, FOR REAL

- Space, Insects, and a Pig with a Horn, what else you'll ask for? CERDOCORNIO

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