Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Champions Forces Repack

Hello again! this point I bring you Champions Forces!

-Wait Heroes Forces Sequel!??

Not exactly! Lets call this alittle sister game!

-How similar is it to Heroes Forces!?

Well i'm using some databases from the previous game!

-Hmm I own Heroes Forces already...Will i prefer this?

Well If you Liked Heroes Forces you ought to like this game, You
must confine mind tough that i'm reusing the Battles and Bossses
from Heroes Forces.

-How different is it to the primary game?

Well I even have changed a number of the mechanics the music and Graphics!

-So basically you're saying that SuperGrindRPG and Heroes Forces
are different games? But Heroes and Champions are basically the same!?

Exactly! i'm making a Heroes Forces sister game so fans of the primary game can grab it.

-Why are you making this sister game?

Well I always thought to myself that i might like some sister games of some good RPGS.

So why not make my very own Sister Game?

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