Saturday, 4 January 2020

Crying Suns v.1.2 Repack

After 700 years of peace and prosperity, the Galactic Empire suddenly fell apart. OMNI - the divine machines that did everything for their masters - suddenly turned off for unclear reasons. People who have long forgotten how to survive on their own, were on the verge of extinction. Somewhere in the far corner of the galaxy is Gehenna: a small, ice-covered planet with a top secret complex. This factory hidden in stone is the pinnacle of the technological progress of the Empire and the last hope of mankind.
You play as a clone of Admiral Ellis Idaho, once the greatest admiral of the Empire, whose mind is a formidable weapon in itself. You have just been awakened by a strange and sarcastic keeper, the only working OMNI named Kaliban.
Your task: skillfully controlling the ship in the clusters of the Empire, in which cruelty and chaos reign now, find a way to turn on OMNI and save humanity. It's time to fly away from Hell ... There is almost no time left.
Crying Suns is a tactical game in the rogue-lite genre in which you play as an admiral of the space fleet and explore an empire that fell for unknown reasons.
In this story adventure, which was inspired by the creators of “Dune” and “Foundation,” with each successful outing you learn more about the Empire ... and about yourself

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