Friday, 24 January 2020

Dezatopia Repack


Strange and weird creatures inhabited Earth’s underground, unknown to humankind. This was until Momoko, a fashion-obsessed highschool girl, accidentally discovered them. Together, they plotted to mix the civilizations above and below the surface to make a replacement world: Dezatopia.

The player controls Akane and Aoba, Momoko’s schoolmates who were hired to assist start construction of the towering subterranean bridge until they found the extent of her plans. They decided to thwart the ambitions of Momoko and her loyal beasts with their work ship, the Speleological Fighter Pink Aurora.

The craft has four unique, intuitive weapons to fight back against enemies from all directions. Upgrades and items also can be purchased from a mid-flight shop, but these advantages are countered by a dynamic difficulty system that automatically adjusts to match the player’s skill level to make sure their experience, strategy, technique, and luck are always tested.

Each stage is crammed with a spread of unusual gimmicks along side distinctive bosses that await at the top in massive machines. These are arranged in predetermined routes for top replayability. Detailed pixel art and smooth animation bring the underground backgrounds to life, and therefore the retro familiarity of the FM synth soundtrack makes the first melodies memorable. It all combines for a very vivid audio-visual spectacle.

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