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Eternal Magic 12/20/2019 (2019) Repack

Eternal Magic - a free multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). This is a huge fantasy-style world with a flexible class system, dynamic battles and large-scale battles for up to 80 people. MOBA mode, a party on a private estate, weddings and guild battles Eternal Magic - RPG from the Chinese developer Duoyi.

- Action gameplay - 5 skill categories for each class. You have to choose one of four skills with an active and passive component. The specialization skill will add a twist to your class, highlighting the strengths of your skill set or compensating for its shortcomings. Or maybe both!
- A variety of PvP modes - Guild Battle, Classic Battles, Large-scale battles, MOBA.
- PvE of any complexity - Fans of PvE will also be waiting for numerous daily tasks, random events during the battle in an open area and much more. Adventures enough for everyone!
- The wide possibilities of Heroes - knight, shooter, swordsman, priest, mage, assassin.

Description of installation and launch
1. Install the game and launcher, register.
2. Run the shortcut on the desktop.
3. Enter the login and in the installation paths of the game select the directory where you installed the game, be sure to choose the correct path. For example (C: / Games101XP / Eternal_Magic /).
4. The data will be verified, after which you can start the game.
Correctly specify the path for synchronization, otherwise the second jump of the game will begin.
If you get the path C: / Games101XP / Eternal_Magic / Eternal_Magic , delete the extra one so that it is C: / Games101XP / Eternal_Magic /
- it is not recommended to use a 32-bit OS
for the client to work correctly - it is recommended to install the MS Visual C ++ 2008 and older plug-in for the client to work correctly .

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