Friday, 10 January 2020

Everyone Dies 2020 Repack

Everyone Dies

People haven't been so on the brink of extinction, and every one due to one mistake of a nature. A dove a logo of peace, love, purity, hope? Not in 2027. Survive against endless waves of zombies! Use firearms and melee weapons, tablets and random weapons. Spend XP and open aisles, upgrade and customize weapons. Accumulate PTS. And find out new levels, characters, weapons and various cosmetic improvements.  A new species of pigeon “IKO” (from lat. Infectis columbae offeret) caused the apocalypse. This poisonous dove throws out spores, inhaling which an individual will never be an equivalent . The poison captures the mind of man, makes him hunt people, eat their flesh. The victims of this natural virus lose their memory, acquire eternal hunger, and receive a replacement goal of their existence - eating everything that moves and breathes. Simply put, the sight of IKO doomed the earth to a zombie apocalypse.  Some people have developed immunity to the present poison. Because regardless of what proportion the system breathes poisonous spores, they're not in peril. The threat is infected.

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