Friday, 24 January 2020

Flaky Bakery Repack

Flaky Bakery

You bake then you flake!

You were once one among the best heroes within the land, but you've got grown old and tired. Retirement is upon you, but you want to still make a living. during a past life you learned the way to make bread. Taking your trusty wagon with you and your knowledge of creating bread, you travel around selling to the monsters you once fought as a hero. The problem? you'll only seem to remain awake long enough to bake 5 good loaves each day .

Monsters from far and wide hear of your amazing (almost burnt) bread and flock to you to shop for . You let the poor, brainless foes purchase your less-than delicious bread then knock them out using the skulls of your past enemies to get back the bread they bought.

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