Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Hot Shot Burn Repack

Hot Shot Burn

Gladiators! Welcome to the bloody arena, where paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and shotgun beats everything else!

Hot Shot Burn may be a top-down, hilariously violent party brawler where space gladiators compete within the galaxy's ultimate televised sport . Grab some popcorn, invite up to 4 friends, and knowledge crazy couch battles filled with ridiculous flukes and insane skill shots.

Can't invite friends to return over? No problem! Just found out a game night and seamlessly play online.

Pick your hero, from an ass-whooping space wrestler to deadly moth assassin and one very confused fluffy alien. Each character has unique skills and playstyles, so find your match and obtain able to explode your friends and loved ones for a galactic audience of screaming fans.

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