Saturday, 4 January 2020

Hurtworld Repack


Hurtworld is a multiplayer sandbox with elements of survival - hardcore, crafting, construction, battles, exploration, as well as cars. Fight hunger, cold, heat and a dangerous environment around you. Subjugate your surroundings, build a base, explore your world. But the biggest danger is other players. Create alliances and destroy your enemies. Hurtworld is designed for hardcore audiences and aims to oppress.

The game world is a huge desert filled with dangerous creatures, animals and harsh conditions. Even if you are prepared and protected, accidental events can ruin all your plans.

The main part of Hurtworld is PvP. However, killing other players will not be the main goal, but simply an additional gameplay option. The developers believe that the banal killing of all players will worsen the base - survival. So each player will have a different primary goal.

Each player will be able to build a house or castle, using resources of any shape and size. Already in the alpha version of Hurtworld, the construction system has been finalized and looks good. At the moment, developers want to create a whole library of building blocks and resources.

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