Tuesday, 7 January 2020


Too simple team shooters get bored quickly. Too complex projects require pianist skills and quickly cause fatigue. Is there anything in between? there's . Here you'll download the torrent of the Insurgency: Sandstorm game with a superb balance of realism and convenience.


The game is predicated on the confrontation between elite fighters and regular terrorist groups living somewhere within the Middle East deserts. there's one campaign with one history, but its level is hardly up to modern standards.However, this could not confuse us, because this project is concentrated on a multiplayer game.

Game process

Before us may be a realistic three-dimensional first-person shooter, created on the idea of a modification to the primary Half-life. The mod was so liked by people round the world that it quickly grew into a full-fledged game.

The main emphasis within the game is on realism: weapons, combat systems, physics of the environment. Immediately striking is that the lack of traditional interface elements, like a health strip. This contributes to the utmost immersion in what's happening.

The game doesn't have military equipment, but there's an outsized selection of hand weapons. Each model is neat and has personality.

The whole process is made on team battles (as in another popular game that grew out of modification). to try to to this, you've got several cards and a number of other game modes at your disposal.

The developers did an honest job on the management, making it understandable and convenient.

Game features
1. A high degree of realism of the combat system;

2. a good selection of small arms with individual characteristics;

3. Ample opportunities for acting out tactical roles (attack aircraft, sniper);

4. Well-designed cards with secret moves and other goodies.

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