Saturday, 4 January 2020

Jade Empire Special Edition Repack

The fate of the empire is in your hands. You can save the ancient kingdom, or you can destroy it. The jade empire is torn apart by rebellion. The emperor Sun Hai, once beloved by the people, fell under the corrupting influence of the conspirators and turned against his siblings. Now you have to choose which side to take, one after another unraveling the gloomy secrets of a dying empire: why did the dead begin to rise from the graves? Why did Sun Hai turn to evil? What role did your intervention play in the past and what role do you have to play in the future?
You are a gifted martial artist, following the path of an open hand or the path of a clenched fist. In this award-winning role-playing game, your actions and decisions will determine the fate of the Jade Empire. It is in your power to prevent the death of this beautiful land or crush it under the steel heel of the conqueror. Become a warrior who uses the power and ability to fight to bring peace, or direct the abilities given to you to bring people pain and death. The choice is up to you!TORRENT

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