Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Last in Orbit Repack

Last in Orbit

In the distant future, Earth has become too overpopulated. To combat this, humanity has decided to construct apartment complexes that orbit Earth, and dubbed them Orbital Apartment Stations. These apartments are designed to cater to each need of the residents that inhabit them; nutritious meals, fun activities, and cozy living spaces. to feature to the posh , the whole complex is travel by one AI. “A paradise amongst the celebs ,” the advertisements boasted.

You have been sent to the primary operational OAS. While aboard the OAS, you're tasked with testing the facilities, and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. But something goes wrong. On your first day, you awaken to a wierd voice telling you that something has gone wrong with the AI. the safety and hospitality protocols are involved . In an effort to stay you alive, and keep the OAS safe, the AI knocked you out and locked you in your room. Now you want to find your way off of the OAS, before the AI self destructs.

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