Saturday, 4 January 2020

Lost Ark 12.24.19 (2019) Repack

On the expanses of Acrasia, you will find many adventures and dangers: get ready for impressive battles and difficult trials. Explore the world on your own or work in a team - you decide, in LOST ARK every hero has the opportunity to show their abilities!

The vast world of LOST ARK
Travel the world, the beauty of which is amazing! You are waiting for fascinating assignments and an exciting plot. Complete secret missions, explore the seas and picturesque islands!

PvP modes
Fight with other players in exciting PvP battles! Prove that it is you who deserve to become the strongest fighter in the arena. A variety of PvP modes and events await courageous heroes!

PvE modes
PvE lovers have to conquer the vastness of the game world, explore intricate dungeons and penetrate the Chaos Rifts. Fight legions of demons, defeat formidable bosses, challenge powerful Guardians! Winners will get treasures and discover the secrets of the LOST ARK world.

exploration Travel lovers will be able to explore a variety of islands: with their history, adventures, and unique monsters, the battle with which will be remembered for a long time!

High seas
Hunting with a harpoon for fish, fishing with nets, diving, rising from the bottom of treasure chests, exploring the wreckage of wrecks, maps of sea treasures, a battle with the crew of a ghost ship - all this awaits the conquerors of the depths!

Treasure hunt
During a trip to Acrasia, each hero may be lucky: there is a chance to take possession of a map of ancient treasures! Finding the entrance to the secret dungeon is not easy, but friends can always help you. Chests with unknown riches and, possibly, bloodthirsty demons will be waiting for you in hiding places!

For all RPG fans, The
essential elements of traditional action-RPGs and unique features are intertwined in an amazing world to give you the best MMO adventure!

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