Saturday, 4 January 2020

Octopath Traveler Repack

Japanese role-playing game, developed jointly by the Japanese companies Square Enix and Acquire (English) Russian. and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console in 2018. In 2019, the game was released for Microsoft Windows.
Octopath Traveler offers the player the role of one of eight characters to choose from - these characters begin their journey in different parts of one common world and have different characteristics and abilities, including those that affect their interaction with non-player characters. The game received mostly high press ratings - observers praised the unusual graphics and turn-based battles, but criticized the weak plot and lack of interaction between the game characters.

  • - Play as eight characters with dissimilar fates and side quests.
  • - Explore all 8 regions of the charming but dangerous world of Orsterra and find out the story of each character during his journey.
  • - Use the distinctive abilities of each character (Path Actions), as well as skills and talents, to win the battle.
  • - Master the understandable, but multifaceted turn-based combat system and defeat any enemies by calculating and using their weaknesses.
  • - Perform side quests and go through plot scenarios in various ways, influencing your decisions on the fate of the heroes.
  • - Rate 3D-graphics inspired by classic 2D role-playing games and filled with realistic elements
Download  crack .Installation:
1. Mount the image with any emulator program.
2. Install the game according to the installer instructions.
3. Download Octopath.Traveler.CRACKFIX-CPY. Copy the "Engine" folder from the archive to the installed game folder with file replacement. This is a regular pill.
3. Download  Octopath_Traveler_Crack_FIX. The "Octopath_Traveler" folder from the archive is copied to the installed game folder again with a replacement. This is a patched exe file. Make no mistake with the destination, if there was no request to overwrite an existing file, then you missed.
4. Run-play. If you wish, download the crack from the link above.

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