Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Oculus Medium Repack

Oculus Medium

VR may be a revolution in 3D asset creation and Oculus Medium is that the premiere VR creative tool. Sculpt, model, and paint in an immersive environment. Whether you are a total beginner, aspiring creative, or professional artist, quickly and simply create 3D objects and expressive works of art.

Create organic characters with 8 tools like Clay and advance the Tool Tray. Kitbash hardsurface models with over 300 stamps, snapping and constraint features. Export your asset as an OBJ or FBX. 3D print your model, use it in your favorite game engine, or bring it into another program for special rendering, compositing, and painting work.

Oculus Medium’s versatile and intuitive toolkit is meant for 3D modeling speed and fluidity.

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