Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Path of Zen Repack

Path of Zen

We follow a business man from London, Julian works at a status accountant firm and features a busy job. the quantity of energy the work requires causes him to struggle in his personal life. When the pressure from works seems to urge the higher of him, he hits the emergency button and takes each day off. We are there with him, listening in on what's on his mind.

With Path of Zen, i would like to share ways through which we will feel more on top of things of our own life and what we will do ourselves to realize that control. Mindful thinking and meditation have always been very useful tools in my life and have always helped me in handling difficult situations in my life. The intention is for people to use this game and therefore the perspective it offers in their own lives. to assist people spend less time worrying about the longer term or the past and be more present within the moment they're in at that point .

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