Saturday, 4 January 2020

Radio Commander Repack

A realistic, innovative approach to the RTS genre. Command the soldiers on the battlefield on the radio. Keep track of the situation only on radio reports. Lead the troops of the American fighters to fight with the Viet Cong. Make decisions and live with their consequences.
In Radio Commander you have to play for the American commander during the Vietnam War. A heavy burden will fall on your shoulders - to coordinate military operations of 1965-1968.
But before you is not another RTS, where you are just an invisible creature hovering over the battlefield. At Radio Commander, the only way to evaluate the situation is to listen carefully to your soldiers leading the battle. At your disposal only a strategic map on which you place troops and make notes.
Game Features:
Radio Commander will offer you a unique gaming experience that is completely different from what you are used to in real-time strategies. This is a bold attempt to rethink the genre - the decision-making process here is much more realistic than in more casual RTS. Request situation reports. Listen to your fighters. Send helicopters for evacuation and drop napalm. Defeat an invisible enemy.

DIVE INTO HISTORYYou are waiting for the story of the soldiers and their commander who found themselves in the terrible conditions of a bloody, promiscuous and controversial Vietnam war. The game touches on difficult topics: civilians caught up in the thick of hostilities, dubious CIA operations and cynical demands of politicians. These situations are captured in such cult films as Platoon, All-Metal Shell and Apocalypse Today, and happened daily with ministers in Vietnam. See for yourself how difficult it is to make the right decision in the midst of a shootout with the Viet Cong.

DECIDE WHOM TO LIVE AND WHICH TO DIEThe fate of the soldiers is in your hands. The decisions you make affect the course of the game and determine the views of your hero. Or perhaps your own? At Radio Commander, you will have tough questions. Are your actions fair? What is the price of human life? How strong is the poison of propaganda and stereotypes?

Radio Commander is not another fresh action. You have to play for the commander, managing the situation from his tent. At your disposal is only a radio and a map that you have to watch for hours, listening carefully to the reports. Your decisions will affect the fate of many people. As in real life, there is no heaped up animation and graphics to help imagine what is happening on the battlefield. There is only your card and your abilities. You will have to listen carefully and act judiciously. This approach provides a higher level of immersion than conventional RTS. 

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