Friday, 10 January 2020

REFUGE 2020 Repack


may be a solo third-person adventure within the rogue like genre with a huge , open, hand-crafted world and hardcore challenge. Make your way through hordes of monsters, unlock new items and find how to survive. within the game, the player will need to explore the open world and destroy the bosses, thereby earning a special currency that's saved forever and allows you to open new items that after opening will start to drop call at new races, which provides more replays.
Game Feature:

  • Hardcore that will not allow you to relax
  • Modulators that change the properties of the sport 
  • Discover over 60 unique items that not only give different properties, but also visually change your character
  • Explore an outsized open world made by hand.
  • Fight hordes of various enemies and managers 
  • Switch between melee and ranged weapons
  • Permanent death - die in REFUGE, and you'll start again, but with new items and assemblies

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