Saturday, 4 January 2020

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice v 1.04 Repack

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a new third-person action adventure with role-playing elements from FromSoftware studio and personally Hidetaki Miyazaki, authors of the game Bloodborne: Blood Generation and the Dark Souls series.

    You have to play the role of a seasoned warrior who seeks at all costs to save his young master and heir to an ancient family, simultaneously bringing down revenge on the heads of sworn enemies. The game takes place in the recreated world of Japan during the Sengoku period of the late 16th century. It was a cruel time of numerous internecine wars. You will become the One-armed Wolf, a mutilated rogue warrior who miraculously escaped death. In battles with terrible enemies, rely on your ninja skills and a whole arsenal of deadly prostheses. Act secretly, use the ability to climb vertical surfaces and destroy opponents in uncompromising duels.

    Take revenge on enemies. Restore your honor. Do not be afraid to get dirty in blood.

    Game Features :
  • Do not shy away from blood. FromSoftware Studio brings its unique combat mechanics to the fast-paced adventure action, improving and enriching it.
  • Exploration of the world. A special place in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is given to research. An exciting journey full of incredible discoveries awaits you. In the process of exploring the world, you will find useful objects and meet new heroes ... But beware of ambushes!
  • Armed and dangerous. The combat system of the game relies on fencing using a variety of deadly prostheses that affect the style of the fight. Learning all the techniques of the One-armed Wolf is not an easy task: you will find a large number of different possibilities - from fighting with swords and using prostheses to stealth killings and using a cat hook. In order to successfully overcome all obstacles, it is necessary to master and study many devices and skills that can help in battle.
  • One-armed Wolf. Become a skilled martial artist in the service of a young hermit. After defeating at the hands of the warriors of a mysterious clan, eager to find what belongs to your master, you find yourself divided. Far in the mountains, in a dilapidated temple, you will take the first steps towards your destiny. You have to find the master, take revenge on the enemies and restore your honor.
  • No concessions. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a worthy representative of the FromSoftware studio game line. Fans of this team will be rewarded with a deep and exciting gameplay. Painstaking study of battles, a high level of complexity and a variety of enemies and bosses - these are the unique components of FromSoftware's vision.
  • Rethinking Japanese History You will find a bright and life-filled period of Sengoku at the end of the 16th century, the era of the sunset of the struggle between the warring provinces. Your path will pass through a devastated country, suffering from constant bloodshed. Reveal the darkest secrets of the intricate world created by FromSoftware.
  • Sworn enemies. You are waiting for a meeting with fantastic enemies and formidable bosses. Each battle will be a real test of your skill. Creativity and unexpected solutions - this is what you should expect from a game from FromSoftware Studio.

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