Saturday, 4 January 2020

Slay the Spire v2.0 Repack

We mixed the CCI and bagel genres in an attempt to provide you with our best single card strategy. You have to collect a unique deck, meet many bizarre monsters, find a variety of powerful relics and plunge Spire!
Dynamic deck
Choose your cards wisely! On the way to conquering the Spire, you will find hundreds of cards that can be added to the deck. Pick the cards that interact with each other best to be able to make the path to the top.
Unpredictable Spire
With each new outing to the Spire, the path to the top changes. Choose a path full of dangers, or go down the path of less resistance. Each time you will meet different enemies, different cards, different relics and even different bosses!
Powerful Relics
  • Powerful artifacts called relics are ubiquitous in the Spire. These relics affect the interaction of cards and increase the strength of your deck. However, keep in mind that their price is not only calculated in gold ...

  • 3 main characters with their unique sets of cards.
  • 250+ pre-made cards.
  • 50+ unique fights.
  • 150+ different items.
  • 50+ unique events that can be harmful or beneficial.
  • Customizable mode of passage, where you can turn on a bunch of different plague mutatars.

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