Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Solar Panic Utter Distress Repack

Solar Panic Utter Distress

Solar Panic is a first-person comedy adventure game. awaken as Durwood Champney, a sarcastic douche with a vendetta for early morning traffic and follow a real story that we made up. Explore exotic places crammed with funny and/or stupid encounters and knowledge the story of a hungover ex-secret agent. a touch like Bond without all the coolness and classiness.

Wield powerful top of the road second-hand gadgets from the innovative Tomato Gun to the more sophisticated Sniffer. inspirationally drawn from real world , fake life and artificial life we bring back life the weirdest, wackiest and socially awkward characters. Get in trouble with the pantless frozen dessert man, make friends with a beggar who wants nothing from you or ignore everybody, we don’t really care.

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