Saturday, 4 January 2020

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones Repack

In the game Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, you have to go down from the doomed Arkham to the terrible depths of the Abyss. You must create a character based on the archetypes of the 1920s and cut your way through a broken world full of mysteries.
You are waiting for desperate battles with powerful forces beyond human understanding. Physical battles here are exhausting, witchcraft turns into dire consequences, and skirmishes with indescribably terrible creatures threaten to drive you crazy. Sometimes the only salvation from someone who hid behind the threshold is to turn away and run without looking back.

A hand-drawn two-dimensional world imbued with an atmosphere of universal horror.
Opponents, scenery and storylines inspired by the cult works of Lovecraft. You have to take part in tasks based on your favorite stories, but you yourself will determine the course of events.
There are 8 archetypes of the protagonist to choose from, each of which has its own background and its own set of skills.
In this ill-fated campaign, you will be accompanied by a variety of wonderful satellites: a lonely antediluvian stranger; a soldier who fell in the Great War, who was reanimated by Herbert West. You can take these and other outlandish creatures into your squad.
The mental state of your character affects the choice of replicas in the dialogs. Mental illness can be both an obstacle and an aid to you. In a crazy world, it’s sometimes easier to be crazy.
The belief system determines how your characters cope with the distorted reality of the new Arkham, as well as the speed with which their psyche index is replenished. The belief system also opens up unique dialogue branches, expanding opportunities for roleplaying.
An original spell system in which you sometimes lose more than you gain. The connoisseur of the occult sciences is not understood at all as one who knows how to emit multi-colored shells from the fingertips. Stygian black magic is powerful, but it can be detrimental to your mind, your health, and possibly a lot more.
Turn-based tactical battles in a two-dimensional perspective, similar to those that were in classic games from the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
In Stygian, you have to fight not to save the world, because this fight has already been lost. Before the end of the world, you must have time to achieve your goal, whether it be the salvation of the soul, vendetta or something darker.

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