Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Terra Incognita Repack

Terra Incognita

The "Terra Incognita" may be a dimension very on the brink of the world , level 1.

So it isn't a world apart like in Game of thrones or the Lord of the Rings.

It is a replica of our world, but with the difference that there's magic, creatures and magic spirits. What makes this world remain stagnant within the fantastic medieval era. Please note, it remained at this point until our time, which makes it appear to be still within the Middle Ages, but far more developed, for instance with very dense cities and gigantic castles.

It is possible to travel round the world, on five continents via the teleport portals.

In unknown , the dinosaurs are still alive. Elemental magical nature spirits were present when the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs crashed to Earth. These spirits didn't stop the meteor from crashing, but they were ready to act on certain climatic phenomena, enough to scale back the damage and permit a couple of dinosaurs to survive. Today they're everywhere on the earth . We don't see them everywhere (we don't find on most game levels) but they're present which is why we built gigantic barriers all around cities. it's also partly due to the presence of dinosaurs that unknown remained largely stagnant in medieval times, car due to all the risks that there are on the earth humanity to possess had struggling to evolve.

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