Tuesday, 21 January 2020

The Adventure of Magical Girl Repack

The Adventure of Magical Girl

This is the sequel to "The Legend of Bean".
The protagonists this point are three young girls from a magic academy. within the Sea Empire Cadiaden, there's the foremost advanced mainland magic academy. Firoro, Mirumiru and Kukuri are students from this academy. The protagonist Firoro, makes a particularly bold decision due to a really common matter, causing an irreparable serious consequence, and an excellent adventure to flee on the sting of life and death is

After the end of "The Legend of Bean"
The mercenaries Kaim and Asal are unable to urge wont to the court life, in order that they hand over their lordship and still wander around, living by eating grass as mercenaries. But their boring routine is broken again. they might meet the three students from the magic academy. What quite story would be expecting them?


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