Saturday, 4 January 2020

UBOAT Repack

  • The UBOAT game is a simulator of a submarine of the Second World War period, but it is unlike other similar games. Its mechanics are based on micromanagement and survival in the open world, and the main theme is the life of German submariners. Submarine - their home, capable of turning into a mass grave at any second.

    In UBOAT, you control first of all the team, and only then the boat. Keep track of the physical and mental health of your sailors. If they are hungry, tired and demoralized, you are doomed to failure.

    Game Features :
  • The survival mechanics in this game are based on a sophisticated and sophisticated damage system. The unpredictable situations that she can cause will become a test of your resourcefulness and composure. You can try to save the whole team or sacrifice one for the sake of the survival of many. On the high seas, you rarely can count on outside help. Improve your commander skills by effectively distributing available resources. In emergency cases, you can replenish their supply by contacting the allies for help ... or by searching the wreckage of a sunken enemy ship.
  • The selfless fulfillment of combat missions is rewarded by increasing your budget and increasing authority in the submarine fleet. Both that and another will be necessary for you for improvement of a submarine so as not to lag behind the opponent in a technological race.
  • The extremely realistic model of the submarine created in our game does not affect its availability at all. You can play UBOAT like a regular game, gradually learning the many subtleties that help to better command the submarine. Moreover, we reliably reproduce even such nuances as the curvature of the Earth’s surface and the influence of the distribution of ballast over compartments on the trim of the boat. Perfection can be achieved in various ways. On the one hand, you can reveal your commanding talents, quickly and efficiently distributing all the work between subordinate officers. On the other hand, you always have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands. Look at the periscope, listen to the signals at the sonar post and reflect the attacks of enemy aircraft while controlling the anti-aircraft gun!
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