Tuesday, 7 January 2020

WORLD WAR 3 Repack

Game Features:

Modern combat experience

World War 3 may be a modern conflict with tactics and methods, which are supported real hostilities. All this is often in two exciting game modes. "Warzone" provides all the chances for dynamic, intense skirmishes in team-oriented battles of infantry and equipment for fortified points. Focused on tactics, the Recon mode offers players to figure together in small reconnaissance units so as to survive and successfully capture critical targets in enemy territory. Together, these modes create a uniform gaming experience with an eye fixed on the particular feel of recent warfare.

Really existing locations

We are proud to supply you with a number of the foremost realistic levels within the history of the FPS genre. Fight on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow. cash in of the urban environment to surprise enemy forces and dominate the battlefield.

Multifaceted customization

Create your own, unique combat set that matches your needs and elegance , without being tied to any classes or roles. choose between many combinations of unique pieces of weapons, gadgets, skins, camouflage and colorings. an equivalent applies to technology, tactical equipment and uniforms. If this is often possible in real world , then it's possible in war 3 - everything is extremely simple!

National pride

World War 3 is heavily supported military realism, offering accurate weapons, uniforms, and equipment for the national soldiers . All this could inspire you to form every effort to win and prove that it's your country that dominates the battlefield. All maps are supported famous places from real world , like the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow (plans have far more locations). and that they are all recreated with unrivaled attention to detail.

Strong team play

World War 3 supports team-oriented gameplay, rewarding for the will to be a crucial a part of the squad, coordinated add which is that the best recipe for an efficient confrontation. A player can assume the role of an attacker or defender and use any equipment suitable to support his own sort of play - only victory matters.

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