Sunday, 2 February 2020

Black Future 88 Heavy Culture Repack

Black Future 88 Heavy Culture

This update focuses on more time-based mechanics. the large feature is that the timebank has been changed to not cost health, but to permit the player to grow a deadlock culture that takes a while to grow. Example: Iota Culture costs 4 minutes to start out , and it'll take 6 minutes to grow, but upon collecting it it'll give the player 5 minutes back. this provides players more ability to take a position within the ir late game at an early point in the run, and also alows more players to feel the enjoyment of your time pressure. Players must devour their culture from a special fixture that started it.

Players can now sometimes find the Tower Hacker within the tower next to the P.E.R.X. stations. She costs money to interact with, and she or he costs extra money whenever you ask her therein run. She'll hack the P.E.R.X. station to hack buffs faraway from skymelt, but doing so means the P.E.R.X. cannot be used for player buffs.

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