Thursday, 6 February 2020

Bloody trains Repack

Bloody trains

Bloody trains may be a sitcom train attendant simulator, who cares about passengers and fights far-right terrorists by blowing their heads.

This is a simulator game, so there are many mechanics such as:

  • Feeding people, giving a tea or a towel to them or they're going to die
  • Checking tickets validation
  • Taking bribes or calling police if ticket isn't valid
  • Keeping train car warm or people will freeze to death
  • Keeping train car clean or people will vomit and die
  • Checking baggage for bomb or it'll explode and other people will die
  • Keeping aggressive people out of the passengers of somebody will die
  • Fighting with corruption or people are going to be out of cash and that they will die
  • Fighting Bosses otherwise you will die
  • Not to die

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