Thursday, 6 February 2020

Data Hacker Corruption Repack

Data Hacker Corruption

This second Data Hacker title allows those that have completed the prequel 'Initiation' to import their completed save files with ease; keeping decision data, team members and inventory intact!
Or, start a replacement game and make your choices on the fly!

Data Hacker: Corruption is a retro-inspired JPRG set within a virtual realm and a simulated Online Game. it's a narrative-driven game that questions the worth and definition of life and its inherent value. the sport features two completely separate storylines and partial voice-acting.

Our story shifts up a gear: everything is changing rapidly, with all sides vying for an edge which will secure their future. The SiliCAI army fends off both Virulea and Hunter attacks while trying to take care of equilibrium. They seek power untold; how to vanquish those that would do them harm.

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