Thursday, 6 February 2020

Divine Miko Koyori Repack

Divine Miko Koyori

In the times where science reigns supreme, mythology has long been abandoned by the new era, with deities and monsters alike seen as mere fairy tales within the eyes of the masses. Yet within the underbelly of recent society, evil continues to lurk within the shadows, threatening the lives of mortals even as it always has. within the face of such evils, exorcists who command powers of the divine rise to face against these supernatural threats, sworn to rid the planet of monsters and evil spirits that shall harm mankind.

Koyori, an apprentice exorcist, is shipped to a foreign village to exorcise the world as a part of her training. However, what should are an easy task soon escalates to unforeseen magnitudes because the dark plot behind the entire incident begins to unfold...

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