Thursday, 6 February 2020

Escape Dead Earth Repack

Escape Dead Earth

Earth is dead. Only robots and you, a strong AI, remain. take hold of a robot horde as you fight your way across a harsh and unforgiving landscape of forests and decayed cities. Grow your army from fallen enemies as you are trying to flee Dead Earth!

Escape Dead Earth is a fast-paced, casual strategy game for Windows and Mac.

Starting with only a couple of weak robots, you want to choose your battles carefully. Each robot you destroy are often reassembled and absorbed into your own army, growing your robot horde as you conquer your way across the map. But be careful , enemies get stronger, smarter, and more dangerous as you head towards your goal: a rocket which will take you distant from Earth.

Escape Dead Earth uses radically simple two-button mouse controls to stay you focused on fast-paced action.

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