Thursday, 6 February 2020

Gnomes Garden Christmas Story Repack

Gnomes Garden Christmas Story

All the people of Gnomeland were preparing for a double celebration – Christmas alongside the triumphant coronation of the princess. Preparations marched on day and night within the castle courtyard. A troll lived nearby, and therefore the constant sawing and hammering disturbed his rest. Angered, he and his henchmen stole the Christmas tree. The old gnome Elvenar brought this news to the princess while she was sipping lemonade and redesigning the landscape to form it look more Christmassy.
“What does one think, Elvenar, should I redesign the garden, or should I focus more on the most square? On the one hand the townspeople can have picnics with their neighbors within the garden, neighborhood games, walk their dogs, and I’d be ready to go there with my pussy cat. On the opposite hand, the most party are going to be within the square...”
“Your highness, that – the people are greatly disturbed by the theft of the most Christmas tree and every one the gifts from the square!”
“What!? Who dared to try to to that?”
Then the princess swore to return what was stolen and depart together with her loyal friends in search of the Christmas thieves.

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