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Rocket Blasters Repack

Rocket Blasters

Rocket Blasters may be a fast paced, action packed shoot-em-up set during the
invasion of the Dread Pizza Armada. Rack up points by destroying asteroids
and enemies on your trip through the celebs . Its hand-drawn art gives it a
unique style. Blowing stuff up has never been so fun!
There is nothing too deep happening here, magnify asteroids, enemy spaceships
and occasional bosses in your very own super awesome rocket ship. Get a
variety of upgraded weapons so as to assist magnify more asteroids, enemy
spaceships ... you get the thought . determine if you've got the proper stuff to urge 
on (and stay on) the Rocket Blasters Steam Leaderboards!
Unique rating system 
Rocket Blasters features a unique system that rewards precision and restraint
while blowing stuff up. whenever you fire your weapon, you lose some extent ,
thats right, you lose some extent for shooting. However, whenever you hit
something, you'll get 2 or more points back, counting on what you hit.
Spamming bullets could also be easier, but it'll not get you the high score. Check
your score on the Steam Global Leader Boards!
Asteroids aren't the sole obstacle your rocket will encounter along the way.
The Dread Pizza Armada is planning an attack on Earth, and you want to destroy
as many of their drones as possible.
You will encounter many of those dangerous robot ships on your journey. Avoid
them, and their lasers, or suffer a painful demise. Shooting them will earn
you more points than blasting asteroids, so thinking strategically about what
you shoot will assist you raise your score.
Pizza Armada Battleships
The Dread Pizza Armada was named after these oddly shaped triangular
battleships. take care of lingering behind them, as they need a dangerous
array of lasers aimed right at you!
Colossal Dreadnoughts
The Colossal Dreadnought is that the rarest and most dangerous ship within the Armada.
Huge and heavily armored, your rocket will need to be quick to avoid its
dreaded Annihilation Beam, which destroys everything in its path, including
asteroids, your rocket and even its own drones. Finding its weak part are going to be 
key in overcoming this deadly foe.
Your rocket starts with an easy laser blaster, however, as you progress
through the sport , you'll find some useful, temporary upgrades along the way.
Look for the floating upgrade gear, and easily fly into it so as to
upgrade your rocket. Upgrades have a deadline , indicated by the numbers
that appear above your rocket on the screen.
Triple Blasters
Two extra lasers allow you to clear a path through obstacles and enemies much
more efficiently than the only cannon you begin with.
Side Cannons
Side Cannons allow you to slide past enemies and dangers, while supplying you with the
power to blast them out of space from the side. this enables for a really 
different, strategic approach when confronting enemies.
Energy Shield
The Energy Shield may be a very powerful upgrade, making your rocket completely
impervious to all or any dangers for a brief time. take care of the timer though,
it is quite inconvenient once you lose the shield within the middle of a battle.
Destructo Beam
Possibly the foremost effective offensive weapon within the universe, the Desructo
Beam was actually a recovered Dreadnaught Annihilation Beam, which was
re-engineered to suit on your rocket. Enjoy its destructive powers while they
Rocket Blasters is that the outcome of alittle series of ball-point pen
drawings I did in October of 2017. The drawings were simple space themed

images showing alittle rocket

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