Thursday, 6 February 2020

Slaughter 3 The Rebels Repack

Slaughter 3 The Rebels

A city hidden from the remainder of the planet .

For years it had been used as a huge prison complex, where all the foremost dangerous criminals were sentenced for all times to be kept locked away in forever. Thousands of thieves, thugs, and killers festering in their anger and rage, wanted to interrupt free.

Now, the prison’s walls have fallen…

The entire complex has been overrun by the enraged criminals. All personnel and security were slaughtered, and native inhabitants forced to escape to the nearby woods.

You alone are left, soldier! Your partner has gone missing and communication with them was lost. To survive this lawless uprising you’ll got to be tough and ready .
Arm yourself with the simplest weapons, recruit allies, and find how to flee this chaos.

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