Sunday, 2 February 2020

SONG OF HORROR Episode 4 Repack


Following Husher’s footsteps, you made a shocking revelation, one which will push you to the foremost haunted area you’ve visited to date: St. Cecilia’s Abbey. This sanctum , now ruined by the influence of The Presence, appears to possess all the answers you’ve been trying to find .

What’s new in Song of Horror’s Episode 4?

  • Each episode in Song of Horror is inspired by a masterpiece of the horror genre. This time, we looked into Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to make this setting. Look out for the references to other games, movies, books and more!
  • The macabre St. Cecilia’s Abbey poses the toughest challenge you’ll encounter in Song of Horror: find the answers you would like within the biggest location of the sport before The Presence breaks you.
  • Discover what happened to the monks of the Abbey while you face the various manifestations of The Presence, now more powerful than ever!
  • A new narrative structure: Explore St Cecilia’s Abbey from different starting points counting on which character you select , changing the way you experience this a part of the story.
  • Another character joins the fray: Meet Ernest Finnegan, a renowned archaeologist past his glory days and an expensive friend of Husher, now looking to assist him survive his current predicament. Returning characters will join Ernest counting on who you played with and who died in previous chapters!

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