Thursday, 6 February 2020

Two Weeks in Painland Repack

Two Weeks in Painland

Two Weeks in Painland is a story-driven game a few run-of-the-mill hacker spying on gangsters who are anything but, all while trying to stay his life and limbs within the process. Easier said than done.

Play as a hacker who has arranged a affect a gangster.

That’s how the protagonist, Jack, is assigned a mission that ought to be accomplished during a specific timeframe, which he will determine in time .


  • Spy on 4 senior managers within a corporation to seek out out about their personalities.

  • Manage the recruitment process within the organization to enhance the work climate.

  • Hack the candidates who want to urge into the organization to form your job easier.

  • Try to avoid having your physical health impacted negatively within the process.

  • All of this while you enjoy a stimulating story filled with humor and action that evolves along side the sport .

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