Sunday, 15 March 2020

A Year Of Rain Repack

A Year Of Rain


This world may be a harsh and unforgiving place.

Its people need to fight for each scrap. Tenacious tribes, nomadic clans or those huddled within the shadow of these with power... they're all caught during a cycle of war and violence, to wrestle from the land what little sustenance it provides.

Two old friends want to interrupt that cycle and make paradise amidst the desolation. A tempest of change is brewing on the horizon.

Real-Time Strategy

Choose during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among three rival factions and obtain immersed in a gameplay mixture of base building, resource gathering, unit recruiting and battling against or alongside others players in campaign or skirmish modes. Structures and units are often upgraded so as to reinforce efficiency and power.

Conquer your enemies together with your carefully assembled army led by a legendary hero!

Team Play and Roles
The ultimate Team RTS - play together across all game modes! Select from one among three roles to unlock special technologies and coordinate together with your ally to work out your team’s strategy. Alternatively, you'll always command your AI companion to deploy its troops consistent with your masterplan.

Co-Op Campaign

A Year Of Rain’s co-op campaign is meant with a team of two in mind.
The epic story features a variety of iconic characters and locations. During your journey you want to strategize, survive ambushes, uncover secrets and wage war – always with the choice to experience the story along side another player.

Competitive Multiplayer

The classic skirmish mode is being developed for competitive matches from the very start. Those new the genre can use integrated build orders to urge their bearings, while seasoned players will find detailed match statistics to further improve their game – easy to find out , hard to master!

Factions and Heroes

In the world of A Year Of Rain, three unique factions find themselves during a struggle for power. Each faction features three powerful heroes to spearhead your armies.

House Rupah is led by an ambitious man from the northwest, called Jaidee Rupah. he's able to claim unclaimed lands to form a reputation and a legacy.

The Restless Regiment. Led by the infamous Lady Llorona, all of them dance on her strings and either serve her in mindless obedience or zealous devotion fueled by singular, driving purpose or the torment of martial memories.

The Wild Banners are a coalition of nomads, hunters, tribes, forgotten and fallen civilizations also as lone wanderers. They chose to not belong where so called civilization thrives. they're beastly savages for a few , and tenacious survivalists for others.

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